Your Sacred Heart & Feminine Fire await you. Wise Woman, NOW, is always the time!

Sisterhood, Love, Empowerment & Healing

Ready to trust yourself, your nudges and "knowing" more? Wanting to create time to deeply listen to your own inner voice, and body wisdom, during these intense times? Are old emotional wounds tripping you up? Feeling the call to awaken and learn about the Goddess, the feminine way of embodied power and healing ? Needing personal support and guidance but life is simply too full to organize appointments, lengthy courses or trainings? This course will help you, easily, create regular sacred space in your life for YOU. A fluid feminine structure is provided for you, with specific exercises, tools and practices to help you heal, reclaim and honour your inner Wise Woman. As you journey through this course, you will trust your intuition more and deeply know your own worth. You will have more inner strength, peace and clarity. You will understand yourself better and have more tools, AND confidence, to make choices that are self-loving and empowering. AND you will be more deeply connected to the Divine Feminine Rising on the plant at this crucial time of human evolution. After years of supporting women as a clinical therapist, consciousness coach, energy healer and shamanic practitioner I have guided, and supported, the magnificent transformation of many women. Now, I am honoured to support you dear Sistar. Let me guide you along your healing path and return to your divine feminine essence. Sign up TODAY!

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What People Are Saying

"I'm loving the course so far. I have been taking my time and just into Module 3. I have loved everything I have read so far and cannot wait to dig in deeper. The way you communicate and what you share really resonates with me. You have such a sincere and calming presence. I love how everything is laid out. It's easy to navigate. Thank you again for all you do to make this world a more beautiful, peaceful, and magical place."

by Gretchen Deveau. October 2020

As the world changes, my intention is to be able to reach as many women as possible to support their return to themselves, nurture their self-love and empower their inner Wise Woman. "Wise Women Awakening Online Course" has been infused with elements and energy akin to my previous retreats, women's circles, and even some of my Chakra Yoga Class series practices make an appearance in the course content. Women are now actively on their journeys through the course. I am delighted with their heartfelt responses. Wise Women Awakening is here to strengthen your healing path, whenever you feel called dear Sistar. ~ Your Loving Guide, Amanda

I am totally enjoying the self-paced approach that your course is offering because I am doing things as it fits into my day/week and then able to go back to it and not feel behind or rushed. I am also loving the Spotify music selections!

by Julianne Croft. October 2020

"This workshop was life changing. I felt the amazing support and guidance from you Amanda. Your tenderness, truth, passion and compassion created such a safe and sacred atmosphere. The visualization you did for us to reconnect with our inner child was so powerful and helped me awaken a hidden truth I can now actively work with. I was so incredibly honoured to share in this magical day."

by MJ Goodfellow

"Wise Women Awakening Online Course" has been in part inspired by the content, design and collective experiences from my previous retreats, workshops, and women's circles. I thought you might enjoy hearing from a past participant of these special gatherings, and what you can expect to feel and experience as a Wise Woman journeying through my new course! ~ Your Loving Guide, Amanda

"If you wanna dive deeply into self and empower your inner wise woman to shine, THIS is for you. I love the wise woman awakening course, and I know anyone who’s looking to step into their highest power will too! Invest in you, you are so worth it."

by Christina Olive, January 2022

If you wanna dive deeply into self and empower your inner wise woman to shine, THIS is for you. I love the wise woman awakening course, and I know anyone who’s looking to step into their highest power will too! Invest in you, you are so worth it.

Amanda Ring

Your Healing Guide

Amanda Ring

Amanda lives an awakened life with her two teenage children in the magic of rural Nova Scotia. She is the Creatrix and Owner of Seven Feathers Healing Arts. Amanda is a gifted Consciousness Coach, Spiritual Guide, and Intuitive Healer. Supporting women on their healing journeys is the primary focus of Seven Feathers offerings. Amanda is passionate, and skilled, at helping women transform their painful shadow energies and old patterning, so they can return to their Goddess essence; to their inner Wise Woman who lives from a greater place of self-love, empowerment, and intuitive knowing.