A Course for Healing and Transformation

Journey into the heart and soul of your inner Wise Woman.

Wanting more time for yourself? Getting caught up in old painful mental-emotional loops? Ready to live more intentionally and in tune with the sacredness of your life? Curious about how the Chakras, and Goddess energy can support your healing? During, and after, this course you will more fully embody and celebrate the wise woman that you already are. You will trust your intuition more and deeply know your own worth. You will have more inner strength, peace and clarity. You will understand yourself better and have more tools, AND confidence, to make choices that are self-loving and empowering. After years of supporting women as a clinical therapist, consciousness coach, energy healer and shamanic practitioner I have guided, and supported, the magnificent transformation of many women. Now, I am honoured to support you dear Sistar. Let me guide you along your healing path and return to your divine feminine essence.

A woman filled with self-love, owning her own power & truths, is a gift of divine light to the world.

This course will help you easily create space in your life for your own growth, spirituality and healing.

Wise Women Awakening provides you with a feminine inspired course structure. You are lovingly guided through themed journaling exercises, simple sacred rituals, a Divine Feminine music playlist, Yogic and Goddess inspired practices and tools. Key to design of this course is the honouring of your personal choice. The module lessons are set up for you to navigate the course in your own time, pace, and in your own way to meet your unique healing needs and desired life change.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Module 1: Welcome, Dear Sistar

    • 1. Welcome Video

    • 2. Welcome Message

    • 3. Course Navigation

    • 4. Birth Story of the Wise Women Awakening Course

    • 5. WWA Course Booklist

    • WWA Course Workbook 1

    • Full Wise Women Awakening Course Workbook - Modules 1-8 (Large File)

    • Full Wise Women Awakening Course Workbook - Modules 9-13 (LARGE FILE)

  • 2

    Module 2: Healing Foundations

    • 1. Archetypes and Healing

    • 2. The Chakras

    • 3. Oracle Play, Intuition, and Divination.

    • 4. Affirmations & Energy of Language

    • 5. Creating a Sacred Altar

    • 6. Wise Women Spotify Play List

    • WWA Course Workbook 2

  • 3

    Module 3: Wise Woman Sacred Vow

    • 1. 7Feathers Wise Woman Sacred Vow - Intention and Written Vow

    • 2. Yoni Mudra

    • 3. Wise Woman Sacred Vow Video

    • 4. Mandala "Magic Circle" Earth Prayer

    • WWA Course Workbook 3

  • 4

    Module 4: Divine Feminine

    • 1. Journaling Prompts

    • 2. Affirmations & Yoni Mudra Ritual

    • 3. Oracle/Tarot Card Magik

    • Module 4 Workbook

  • 5

    Module 5: The Divine Feminine and You

    • 1. The Divine Feminine and You

    • 2. Wise Women Embodied Movement & Spotify Playlist

    • 3. Embodied Movement Instructional Video & Pre-Post Self Care Tips

    • 3. EM&M - Earth Mother - Video #1

    • 3. EM&M - INNER SEER - VIDEO #2

    • 3. EM&M - COSMIC MOTHER - VIDEO #3

    • WWA Course Workbook 5

  • 6

    Module 6: Earth Mother

    • 1. Muladhara - Root Chakra

    • 2. Journaling FEAR

    • 3. Release & Ground Video

    • 4. Archetype Embodiment & Journaling The Victim

    • 5. Journaling The Mother

    • 6. Affirmations & Yoni Mudra Ritual

    • 7. Oracle/Tarot Card Magik

    • 8. Ground Your Fear ~ Root Chakra Video

    • 9. Earth Mother - Embodied Movement Spotify Song Links

    • WWA Course Workbook 6

  • 7

    Module 7: Inner Maiden

    • 1. Svadisthana - Sacral Chakra

    • 2. Archetype Embodiment & Journaling The Inner Maiden and The Guilty Child

    • 3. Affirmations and Yoni Mudra Ritual

    • 4. Oracle/Tarot Card Magik

    • 5. Feel & Flow Sacral Chakra

    • 6. Inner Maiden - Embodied Movement Spotify Song Links

    • Module 7 Workbook

  • 8

    Module 8: Inner Warrioress

    • 1. Manipura - Solar Plexus Chakra

    • 2. Archetype Embodiment & Journaling The Inner Warrioress

    • 3. Affirmations and Yoni Mudra Ritual

    • 4. Oracle/Tarot Card Magik

    • 5. Goddess Prana Pull

    • 6. Inner Warrioress - Embodied Movement Spotify Play List

    • Module 8 Workbook

  • 9

    Module 9: Divine Mother

    • 1. Anahata - Heart Chakra

    • 2. Archetype Embodiment and Journaling The Divine Mother

    • 3. Affirmations and Yoni Mudra Ritual

    • 4. Oracle/Tarot Card Magik

    • 5. Breath of Joy Heart Chakra

    • 6. Divine Mother - Embodied Movement Spotify Song Links

    • Module 9 Workbook

  • 10

    Module 10: Inner Sacred Leader

    • 1. Vissudha - Throat Chakra

    • 2. Archetype Embodiment & Journaling The Inner Sacred Leader

    • 3. SA TA NA MA Chant and Mudra

    • 4. SATANAMA Throat Chakra

    • 5. Affirmations and Yoni Mudra Ritual

    • 6. Oracle/Tarot Card Magik

    • 7. Inner Sacred Leader - Embodied Movement Spotify Song Links

    • Module 10 Workbook

  • 11

    Module 11: Inner Seer

    • 1. Ajna - Third Eye Chakra

    • 2. Archetype Embodiment & Journaling The Inner Seer

    • 3. Temple Visualization

    • 4. Affirmations and Yoni Mudra Ritual

    • 5. Oracle/Tarot Card Magik

    • 6. Inner Seer - Embodied Movement Spotify Song Links

    • Module 11 Workbook

  • 12

    Module 12: The Cosmic Mother

    • 1. Sahasrara - Crown Chakra

    • 2. Archetype Embodiment & Journaling The Cosmic Mother

    • 3. Cosmic Waterfall

    • 4. Affirmations and Yoni Mudra Ritual

    • 5. Oracle/Tarot Card Magik

    • 6. Cosmic Mother - Embodied Movement Spotify Song Links

    • Module 12 Workbook

  • 13

    Module 13: Sacred Celebration

    • 1. Sacred Celebration

    • 2. Journaling Your Wise Woman Rising

    • 3. "Believe in YOU" Chant

    • 4. Celebration Video

    • 5. Embodied Movement Spotify Song Links

    • Module 13 Workbook

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is there any other materials I need besides the enrolment of the course?

    1. Device to watch, and listen to course videos and audios. 2. Recipe cards, or paper to write your affirmations. 3. Oracle/tarot deck for your divination practice 4. Tea light/candle 5. Journal, or paper & pen Any other special, or meaningful, items you choose to create sacred space for yourself. As you review the course content you are invited to explore creating individual module Altars, and may wish to play with the Chakra colours, earth elements etc. as well, for these creations. Another example, is that you might choose to wear the Module Chakra Colour while you explore "Embodied Movement & Manifestation"

  • Are there PDFs, or are course lessons only based online?

    The course structure provides you with easy to follow modules, AND downloadable, printable PDFs within each module. You just might rather print the module content, and take it with you to a space away from technology, or to set yourself up in a cosy special spot. The individual Module Course e-workbooks PDF files, are immediately available upon each monthly payment cycle. The complete 13 Module PDF e-workbook file is available upon completion of the entire course.

  • Do I get lifetime access to the course materials?

    YES!! this course is designed for you to explore at your own pace, and in your own time. You will have lifetime access to the course along with any updates that may occur in the coming years! 😍 (* This is HUGELY valuable)

  • What is the time commitment per week?

    This is a self paced course, so that really depends on how much time you feel guided to put into the course lessons and invitations. Once you have explored the first 3 Healing Foundation Modules at the start of the course, starting with Module 4, each module has a a flow of journaling, affirmations, body based practices and oracle play related to the Archetype and Chakra theme. Truly, you can follow the flow as it is laid out for you OR take each aspect of the flow on its own, when/as you wish. Do you love to journal? Well, you might take longer than someone who is new to self-inquiry through journaling. Are you new to creating meaningful moments in your day to connect to yourself, your heart and what you want to transform. Then you might take extra time to get into a rhythm and need to refer back to the module content. Journaling and affirmation might become your daily practice. Some may choose to complete a nature mandala each week, along with their affirmations. Or do your Oracle Play outside in nature. There is a suggested flow for the modules, yet you can customize your experience and experiment as you go along. Perhaps you will align your practices with the Seasons, or other important dates for you in life. Generally speaking, if you were to take the time to do all aspects of the lessons and practices you would need approximately 2hrs - 3hrs per module. This is a best guess, as some women will explore more than others, and perhaps more with certain modules themes.

  • What if I'm not feeling the module that I am in for the month?

    First of all, well done for noticing how you are feeling! This is your Inner Wise Woman getting your attention around something important. Ask yourself is the theme, questions, or content of the Module triggering you, perhaps causing an emotional response of irritability or rejection? This is often a sign that there is something there for you to work with on a deeper level, and the ego is feeling threatened that it might lose grip on the story you have been holding related to the Module themes, yourself, and life. Also, check in with yourself around you current state of health and overwhelm. Are you feeling exhausted, unwell, and truly don't have it in you to dive into something at the moment? That's OK! You might choose to wait to explore your current monthly Module at a later time, when you feel more rested and balanced. You might also realize the healing theme and focus for a certain module lines up with specific life event you have dealt with, and you want to work with it around the anniversary of that time. This would mean you will skip a month in your course layout, and pick up the next month with the next Module. Which again, is totally fine. You have lifetime access, and so you can come back to that skipped module whenever you wish. There is no wrong way to navigate the course. I do invite you to checkin with yourself, re: Is it avoidance? Am I triggered? Or is it truly not the best time health wise OR intention wise - later is better?

  • Do I need to know about yoga, the chakras, and other spiritual things before I start this course?

    NO! You can be a complete newbie to the realm of healing, yoga, energy, and self-inquiry. All the basics foundational information, clear structure and loving guidance is provided within the lessons, videos, and audios.

  • What if I'm already deep on my personal and spiritual journey, is this course for me?

    YES! I designed this course for women who are already devoted to their own healing, as well as those just stepping on the path. The lessons, and practices, in each module are set up for you to launch from, and/or expand and create your own sacred versions. Take the themed experiences and exercises to your own unique level and depth. Incorporate the practices into your already established sacred rituals and routines. Be the Creatrix you already are & weave more magic using the course foundations and practices with your own intuitive inspirations.

  • Once I've completed the course, what's next?

    This is not simply a course that you tick off the boxes = done! This is a course to support you to live in a more embodied, empowered, intuitive & loving way. The course, and the related healing shifts will continue with you as you move through your life. The practices are such that you can use them daily, or at a rhythm that serves you best AND keep you aligned with self-love and empowered living. As you complete the lessons, you and your life will already be changing and healing. The loving potency of the feminine healing way will keep the course alive within you, well beyond the time you finish the "lessons".   With this in mind, you may return to specific lessons, modules and practices as "things/challenges/wounds" resurface or new ones show up in your life. There will be times you will want to revisit the course topics, themes, or suggested methods of tuning in to your intuition, your power, and to gain clarity.   E.g. Journaling and Action Steps At any point during, and after the course, you may want to join me for some 1-1 work. E.g. Perhaps, you had an awareness during the course you would like extra support to process and shift. You had an "aha" moment, and want further guidance and support on how to understand it on a deeper level, and need support to set the resulting  necessary changes in motion. You may have had a great revelation and messages from your inner Wise Woman that has you a bit confused or overwhelmed and you want support with this. You have done some deep work within the course, and feeling the intensity of that has you tired and wanting hands on/remote energetic support. Perhaps you are wanting to take what you have discovered to a deeper lineage, or ancestral, level and interested in Shamanic exploration. I'm here for you for all of the above, and more! As you are completing, or have completed the modules, you may feel an even greater yearning for more ritual, ceremony and/or connecting with other like minded Wise Women?! I would then recommend visiting my website amanda-ring.com to explore  any upcoming Circles (Virtual/In Person), special virtual ceremonial events, and workshops/retreats.

  • What is the course price ? Any bonuses or discounts?

    Full Course - 1 Time Payment $777 Monthly Payment Plan - 13 Payments $66 Mini Course - 1 Time Payment $197 Tax included No Current Discounts. 50% Discount was offered Feb 2-4th - just ended.

Your Healing Guide

Journey into the heart and soul of your inner Wise Woman.

Amanda Ring

Amanda lives an awakened life with her two teenage children in the magic of rural Nova Scotia. She is the Creatrix and Owner of Seven Feathers Healing Arts. Amanda is a gifted Consciousness Coach, Spiritual Guide, and Intuitive Healer. Supporting women on their healing journeys is the primary focus of Seven Feathers offerings. Amanda is passionate, and skilled, at helping women transform their painful shadow energies and old patterning, so they can return to their Goddess essence; to their inner Wise Woman who lives from a greater place of self-love, empowerment, and intuitive knowing.

Your inner Wise Woman is yearning for your presence. Embrace the journey into greater love, peace, power, and divine connection to your true essence. Join the global circle of the Divine Feminine rising today.

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